12th Door joins new Stripe Partner Program

Press Release 12th Door joins new Stripe Partner Program to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the internet 12th Door’s free invoicing.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Chatbots

Chatbots have evolved as an extremely effective tool for small businesses since they first appeared back in 2016. Also known as messenger bots, this smart.

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Business Books
12 Business Books Every Small Business Owner Needs to Read

Starting a small business and getting it off the ground is an impressive feat on its own. But even after that has been achieved, a.

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Small Business Expenses
How to Effectively Manage Small Business Expenses

If we closely look at the reason behind failed small businesses one of the factors that you will find the most is ineffective expense management..

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How to Create the Perfect Invoice and Get Paid Faster
How to Create the Perfect Invoice and Get Paid Faster

When it comes to efficient invoicing, every business or individual should exert professionalism at every turn. After all, there is nothing more serious or important.

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12 benefits of using online invoicing sofware
12 Benefits of using Online Invoicing Software

Another week, another few hours spent putting together invoices, calculating hours, keeping records, and mailing said invoices out. But what if instead of having to.

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Stripe Pay Pal 2CO
More to come...

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