Beautiful Invoices

An invoice doesn’t have to be boring. Stand out from the crowd.
Customize your invoice to make it instantly recognizable.

Multi Currency

Doing business in Japan, Germany or anywhere else in the world just got easy. Invoice your clients in their local currency no matter their location. Its automatic!

Multiple Due Dates

Keeping track of multiple due dates for a single invoice has never been easier. Break it down by percentage or amount and simply select the due date. We will take care of the rest!

Recurring Invoices

Regular customers are the lifeblood of a business. Have a customer you need to invoice regularly for the same product or service? Automate their invoice generation by simply selecting the billing frequency.

Individual Taxes and Tax Groups

Handle multiple tax domains including those with compound taxes. Setup taxes by region or country using tax groups.

Professional Estimates

Your estimate or quote is the first document most clients will see, make it look good.
Send professional estimates to your customers with a single click.

Convert Estimates to Invoices

You got the contract. Stay informed when the customer accepted your quote and easily convert to an invoice with a single click.

Automatic Product Brochure Anyone?

Never forget to attach your latest brochure again. Once uploaded, your brochure will be automatically attached whenever you send an estimate. It really is that easy with 12th Door.

Payments Simplified

Handle Payments for Multiple Invoices: Select the customer and invoices
you wish to settle, one click and you are good to go.

Handle on Account Payments from Customers

Have customers that occasionally overpay or like to pay in advance? No worries, automatically track and then simply set off against invoices when you are ready.

Keep Track of Bank Charges

Simply enter the respective bank charge for each payment and keep track via reporting. Filter reports via payment method enabling you to keep track of bank charges for each method of inbound payment from PayPal to telegraphic transfers.

View Payment History and Add Comments

Get an overview of payment history for each invoice, at the time of settlement, all on one screen. View or add a comment regarding a payment follow-up, or feedback and keep it on record.

Accept Online Payments

Accept payments online using multiple payment gateways. We take the guesswork out of setting it up. At this time, we support PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout. More to come!

Credit Notes

Reverse an Invoice: A customer needs to return damaged merchandise, no problem.
Easily reverse or amend an invoice with a single click.

The Right Way

Any adjustments via credit notes are reflected in sales reports and tax reports. An invoice is a legal document. You don’t want to lose it. Do corrections the right way via a credit note and stay safe.

Upload Attachments

Easily upload a photo or other documentation you may need to support a claim.

Simple Expense Management

Keeping track of your business expenses has never been easier. Upload receipts,
assign billable expenses to clients and keep track of input taxes for expenses via reports.

Paid or Unpaid

Paying your bills on time is now easy. Enter the due date to be notified via the dashboard or reports and receive a reminder, right on time.

Assign Expenses to Your Customer

Keep track of your expenses by customer or project and invoice at your convenience with just one click. And all the details will be available on your dashboard and in reports as well.

Manage Products

Manage all your products/services in one place.
Maintain product categories, brands, tags and custom fields.

Track Inventory

Know your inventory at the time you raise your invoice or via reports. No separate excel worksheets or looking for your calculator to know how much inventory you have on hand.

Upload Product Brochure

A customer is interested in a product. Directly email him the product brochure directly from 12th Door.

Manage Projects (coming soon)

Track Time: Keep up with how your time is really spent and what your employees are up to.
You might be surprised where the time goes.

Log Hours

Keep track of hours via timer or invoice all at once, on a monthly basis. It is your choice and only takes a click to change.

Invoice Hours

Automatically invoice time to the project or client it should be going to or just track and then invoice your staff’s time with a single click of your mouse.

360 View

Get Personal: Know your customer like never before with an awesome customer dashboard.
Get a holistic view of their monthly sales, receipts, outstanding and a whole lot more.

Top Selling Products

What products have your customers been buying recently? Get to know with a touch of a button.

Recent Transactions

View all recent customer transactions from invoices to payments on a single screen. Click on the respective document to know more.

Want More Features?

Powerful Settings: Add custom fields, customize emails, export data and do a lot
more to customize 12th Door for your business. You can make it what you need it to be.

Awesome Reports

See what you need to see. Find out what you need to know. 12th Door’s easy reporting features keep life simple. Export reports to PDF and MS Excel formats.


Get an overview of your business at a glance with our beautiful dashboard. 

Add or Join Multiple Companies

Add as many companies as you like by simply going to your user profile. Join a company you work for in one click. You will be notified via email once the administration has approved your request.

Add Users and Customize Roles

Add users and what you want them to do for your business. You give them the access they need while excluding them from information that they have no need to know.

Ready for #AwesomeInvoicing?

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